Sleepdank Interview

We’ve taken a months break, but we’re back with a bang! Here is our interview with Sleepdank, one of the dopest rappers on the West Coast circuit!

Sleepdank, you’re from Vallejo. Tell us about the rap scene there and how it differs from the rest of the west!

Tha rap scene is very good to me because I have one of them name’s that rings bells nation wide . but where it differs is that there is a lot of politics invovlved in it . that s been holdin me back but im breakin through them everyday . I have nation wide distribution that means on my release date my project is in stores in all 51 states .


You started off in the rap game with an appearance on a Dubee CD didn’t you? How did that happen?

Well me and dubee are long time friends since base ball and growin up in Vallejo in the crest together. We are the group called the 535 along with me , dubee, mac mall, and others . I was doin my thang and he was doin his . but it wasn’t easy khyree made sure I can rap first wasn’t no hand out shit. Like kmel do. Say that a person has a buzz and no one in Vallejo has heard of them you know.

 You’ve worked with other legendary Bay Area rap artists as well. Tell us about who you’ve worked with!

Wow I worked with them all I  have 7 nation wide cds in stores . so I worked with keak da sneak , san quinn, rbx, mac dre , mistah f.a.b , b-legit, black c, yukmouth, tha jacka , all them kats got big respect for my grind `to work with all them was a good thing . not to blow up off they name but just to let people know im in this foreal and is respected by each and every one of them cats


Do you work with independent artists still, or is it simply established guys now?

Just established guys now . my name is established right now . I have a nation wide name its not just known in the bay like most rappers . im one cd away from blowin on a independent level . I have all the tools . Im underground nation wide and still sell units with out radio .


Tell us about what CD’s you have released in the past!

My first cd was called murder book author, then I dropped the booka lation , then 15blunts2light, then hot shit, then vallejos top exec, then danker nation, then home of the thizz dance which is recent it topped off at 3500 during a down load age of people. And many more projects to come . you can go to or any record store dot come and my catalog will pop up or google sleepdank


What was the best received? If there’s a new Sleepdank fan reading, what CD should he buy first?

All of them just to be upon what im spitting and saying and tha whole work ethic is outstanding . so I would say all of them because I eat off my bar code . I don’t go through a lot channels other rappers go through I have nation wide distribution . if  I have to sell them myself this game aint for me . mac dre got us nation wide . matter fact me psd, and dubee was tha first artists on thizz when mac dre started it and im still going


What are you working on at the moment?

Right now im dropping tha best of sleepdank it will be in stores nation wide oct 13th  then im dropping a double disk called i love rap money and i have a dvd coming out of me touring during my release home of the thizz dance all nation wide shows. but  now more iv’e been working more on  myself but I still have the features of well known names its just im a gee and features are getting played out to me . you have to be able to hold your own and that I can  do. I just been workin more with different producers mainly workin on a steady sound


What’s it like working with Thizz Nation?

It was real fun when mac dre was alive .now its everybody eating off what my hood started .everything was just fun then every city has their own thing . but when we started thizz everybody wanted to be apart of it . its like if your hood start something role with it don’t try to eat off the next man plate just to boost sells . because the fans you cant fool they already know the history . but it was fun building thizz nation . but now its waterd down now it aint even the crest no more .. but I been around before thizz blew so my name will always stand the test of time


Where can we check you out online? or google me or hit up you tube and type in sleepdank or any on line record and cd place


Do you have any shout outs or last words?

Yeah I want a shout you out and thanks and mac dre who helped me get a nation wide name, city hall distributin, and everybody that’s down with sleepdank movement thank you and thank all of you




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