D.I.V from So O.D Interview

D.I.V from So O.D gives us an interview!

How did you first start rapping?

I (D.I.V.) kinda fell into it, I used to fuck around when I was younger and write to different beats. Then I started to record em, and before I knew it I was makin albums. that’s also how I started to learn the engineering side of things. Nuf Sed one the other hand was basically born into music. Both his mother and father were musicians and he has been in music since he was young.

Who were your main influences when you were first starting doing music?

Well the first couple beats I ever wrote to were Black Rob’s Whoa, Wu Tang’s Triumph, Nas’s Hate Me Now, and Dr Dre’s Nuthin But a G Thang. Honestly those were some of my biggest influences. Nuf Sed’s definitely include Beanie Siegel, Big L and Eminem.

Who do you listen to, and who do you respect in the rap game today?

I been listenin to the new albums from Rakim, Wu Tang, Alicia Keys. I respect Jay Z for bringing so much positive attention to New York and to Hip Hop in general. I respect Rakim for stayin true to his style and vision, I respect The Lox for their resiliency, and I respect The Rza for his work on movies and Animation, that dude is strait talented man.

What projects have you had out in the past?

I have an full length promotional album presented by DJ Vlad called “The Uncovered Truth“ , It dropped in ‘08. Me and Nuf have been working on getting this current project out for a minute now, but also have more things in the mix as well. This new Year will be tremendous for our camp.

Which would you say has been the best received, and where can we cop it from?

Well my album the Uncovered Truth has gotten a lot of positive feedback. It was featured on mixtapekings.com and rapmullet.com. I have a lot of solid tracks on there. You can download it for free at divmusic.net. I also have physical copies for sale.

What are you working on now?

We are in the process of dropping this new album: SO O.D. The Overdose Vol 1. Presented by DJ Kool Kid.
We have also started Vol 2. Then we are both gunna drop solos, and a group project with our fam, Giant G Fam-millie.

If you could work with anybody in the game, who would it be and why?

Wow, that’s tough, I would have to say Rakim, that would be priceless, strait up.

Where can we get at you on the net?

face book: itsso od

Where would you like to be in Five years?

In five years id like to be alive with my fam and my people just living life. I wanna be doing what I love, music, and get paid well for it. It would be ill to start up some businesses on the side too.

Do you have any shout outs, or last words?

Really just wanna thank you and all the people out there for the support. Shout out to Kool Kid, Tricksta, and the Giant G Fam-millie. Look out for me and my G’s in 2010, its gunna be a crazy year.

Please give us all the relevant website links.

face book: itsso od


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