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D Millz Interview

May 1, 2010
D Millz is one of the hottest up and coming UK rappers from outside of London! We caught up with him!

How did you first start rapping?

I was about 13 years old when I first wrote a rhyme.  It was absolute nonsense though, I can't lie 
and say that I was goin' in from young, haha.  I just kept at it and kept at it, practice makes perfect 
right?  I was too involved in other things to fully focus on it though, so for years writing just 
stayed a hobby I did whenever I had the spare time.

The first recording I did was on an old karoake machine my boy used to have in his bedroom.  I'd 
record instrumentals from CD onto a tape, then put a blank tape in the other slot and we'd spit 
for hours. We took that thing everywhere with us!

I started to take it serious when I was about 19, did a few recordings, mainly freestyles, I'd 
post them on the internet, on various forums, MySpace, etc. I went by the name of X-Calibur then.  
Caught the ear of Iron Shiek, a Wu-Tang affiliate who was Cappadonna's and Shyheim's (Wu-Tang) 
manager, and also Infamous Mobb's manager at the time.  In the end nothing became of it as I 
just wasn't focused at all, I wasn't putting the work in.  I started fuckin' with Icadon (f/k/a Icarus,
Redman's protege) and his Black Flagz movement, but again, it didn't work out as I was too busy 
runnin' around doing stupid shit instead of being about the music.  Shout-out to them man though, 
they still movin' and gave me a lot of insight into this industry.

Who were your main influences when you were first starting doing music?

When I first started I would say it was definitely Wu-Tang that influenced me. Heavily.  I used 
to work on one of their websites from being young.  I'd type up their lyrics for 'em, put 'em on 
the net, when they had new material to promote, I'd call 'em up and we'd do interviews for the blogs 
and all that.  But growing up I only ever really listened to Wu-Tang. A little DMX, Biggie, Nas, 
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony mixed in there.  I was very selective.  I've always been a fan of lyrics.
I loved the wordplay, the metaphors, the rhyme-schemes.  Oh, and Eminem's Slim Shady and Marshall 
Mathers albums too, I fucked with those.  Other than that, life in general influenced me. From being 
a young eteen, I'd seen and done a lot, and needed a way to express myself.  I was always good with 
words, my teachers thought I'd be an author.  I guess they're partly right!

Who do you listen to, and who do you respect in the rap game today?

Right now there's not too much variation in what I listen to.  Without being biased, majority of my 
playlist is made up of my London boys, Eurogang (S.A.S, Bigz, Skrilla Kid Villain, Haze).  I listen 
to Fabolous, Maino, Jeezy, Cam'Ron, Ghostface, Method Man & Redman, Joe Budden, Jadakiss, Styles.  
But mainly just Eurogang, cuz I can relate more to what they saying.

As far as who I respect in the game, I respect anybody making good music.  Anybody making money out 
of it. I respect artists like Blade, Giggs, Pak-Man, Wretch32, Scorcher, my boy Kayo aka Kidderachi, 
my guy Paralasis there's a lot doing it right now, I could be here all day naming names.  I also 
respect man who have pushed it to another level, such as Tinchy, N-Dubz, etc. I might not like all 
of the songs that they do, but I respect their hustle. The song "Memo to the Scene" on my EP might 
be perceived as me taking shots at them, but it's all in jest.  It ain't nothing serious, it's just bars.

What projects have you had out in the past?

None!  I just dropped my debut EP, "Up North Thoughts", featuring S.A.S, Bigz, Skrilla Kid Villain, Kayo 
aka Kidderachi, MackDice, and Kayos from NY.  (Download for FREE here:

All original production from my German family, Benno and Froze.

Although I know a certain Chicago DJ who I used to send my recordings to when I was around 14, 15, compiled 
a CD called "The Anthology" that he was slingin on eBay about 8 years ago! Haha.  That wasn't 
official though.

What are you working on now?

Right now I'm working on the follow up to "Up North Thoughts", titled "PaperWork".  First single off that 
gonna feature Lazee, from Sweden (Google him if you don't know already!) and it's really gonna have the 
same features as my current EP. It's not that I don't want to collaborate with anybody else, more like 
not everybody is as humble as man I've worked with and they might air man when I contact 'em, or they 
just ain't heard of me, whatever. But that'll change in time, trust me!

Also got a collaboration mixtape I'm about to start working on with my man Paralasis. He's originally 
from SW London, but now stays in New Jersey.  We got some other projects lined up too, such as t-shirt 
lines, and some other stuff but I don't wanna give too much away just yet!

If you could work with anybody in the game, who would it be and why?

Hmmm tough question.  As far as artists, it might come as a surprise, but I'd love to work with John Legend, 
no homo. If I could get him on a track, it'd be a smash hit, trust me!  Other than that, Cam'Ron, Fabolous, 
The Clipse, Jeezy, Jadakiss, Joe Budden, Meth & Red, Ghostface, the usual suspects, man.  why?  Coz I feel 
their music, All of those I mentioned been grinding for a long time and are still relevant today.  Not too 
many man can say that.  Oh, and Drake too, I fucks with Drake's music.

Where can we get at you on the net?

Twitter:  @UpNorthMillz or

Where would you like to be in Five years?

In five years I'd like to be living comfortably. And I'd like for my kids, my family, and all those around 
me to be living comfortably.  No more struggling.  Still making good music, and be respected by my peers.

Do you have any shout outs, or last words?

It's a lotta shout-outs!  

First off, shout out my man CK for holdin' me down whilst I was growing up. If it wasn't for him, I probably 
wouldn't even be here today.  Shout out my boy Lee, for always providing man with that peng! Haha, makes 
my music possible!

On a music tip, shoutout to Mayhem (S.A.S), he's looked out for man, and give me plenty of good advice.  
So has Skrilla Kid Villain and Paralasis, so big up them man too.  Shoutout Mega (S.A.S), Bigz, ZaZa, Haze, 
Kayo aka Kidderachi, J Money, Benno for being patient with me, providing those sick beats, and mixing down 
my shit! Froze, FunnyTummy, MackDice, Lazee, HarlemDaDon for pushin my shit over in the States, Kayos, SNKX, 
Gords aka DJ Star Status, too many people to mention.

Oh, and shoutout for supporting me, putting my songs and my video on the site, shoutout 
Making Movez TV ( and for shooting my first hood video down in London, 
shoutout Sauceoreli from Road Starz TV, we gonna link up soon.

Just shoutout everybody who fucks with me, everybody whos given me a push, everybody whos downloaded my EP, 
watched my video, and re-tweeted 'em on Twitter, or put the links on their Facebook and whatever.  I 
appreciate all of that greatly.

And shoutout to you, HeaviestHookUps for giving me the opportunity to speak out!

Jaja Soze Interview

January 18, 2010

We catch up with UK Rap legend Jaja Soze

How did you first start rapping?


Who were your main influences when you were first starting doing music?

I grew up on ice cube, london posse, public enemy, nwa, etc
Who do you listen to, and who do you respect in the rap game today?
i listen to a lot of artists and i respect the uk underground rap scene not the urban
What projects have you had out in the past?
i’ve done lots of projects, my last being my streetboy, book, album and dvd,
Which would you say has been the best received, and where can we cop it from?

street boy is available to download on itunes, the book is in whsmith, the dvd
What are you working on now?

my new free download cd is out january 25th
If you could work with anybody in the game, who would it be and why?

i want to work with nas, jadakiss,and in the uk all the good artists
Where can we get at you on the net? you can find all my info there
Where would you like to be in Five years?
at the top
Do you have any shout outs, or last words? support the movement

E&J Interview

January 18, 2010

We catch up with UK MC E&J.

How did you first start rapping?

I dunno I have always flirted with the idea did the whole mcing round the times before dizzy blew up never really took that seriously , used to just freestyle with friends for fun, went to a couple youth projects and did my thing I actually got serious when I visited someone through someone (Debo) and he basically had all the equipment there and I was  like “can I try a thing”. Did a freestyle and from there it was rap,that was the birth of introducing E and J. Shout out to Debo.

Who were your main influences when you were first starting doing music?

Erm I had alot of influences from American British and french rappers but early influences was from my parents they were musicians they used to play loads of instruments and shit they had a band and everything they was on reggae back then so yh my parents were.When I first started erm I would say Busta Rhymes your jay z erm talib kweli i had quite a wide range the list goes on.

Who do you listen to, and who do you respect in the rap game today?

British game I listen to everyone and everything really.I have respect for J.F.L.O.W.S,Debo, Giggs, youngsta the list goes on  American wise I listen to Wiz Khalifa,MF doom ,Max B again just to name a few

What projects have you had out in the past?

my first mix-tape introducing EandJ
Second mix-tape book a flight
third and fourth was peep my swag vol.1 and 2

Which would you say has been the best received, and where can we cop it from?

Book a flight most defo I got a lot of love for that.thanks to the supporters. That is now available on my on freedownload so’s the rest of them.

What are you working on now?

My fifth installment is Paperboi fm that one is crazy you need that in your life lool

If you could work with anybody in the game, who would it be and why?

From the U.K i’d work with Kano I just know the energy on that track would be crazy!!!!!
American wise Wiz khalifa cause he has crazy choruses and beats

Where can we get at you on the net?

Where would you like to be in Five years?

Defo still in music probably putting some one else or a few on and just coaching them through the industry backed by the machine which offcourse would be paperboi records lol

Do you have any shout outs, or last words?

yh shout out to Debo (rhythmic productions), J.F.L.O.W.S , Twist my boi ,P.D, Short Money L.P, Wizzy Wow the list goes on AND IF YOU DONT SEE YOUR NAME DONT BE MAD ITS NOTHING PERSONAL LOL oh and offcourse to my supporters and shout to you lot!

AC (from AC & Terra) Interview

January 7, 2010

AC & Terra are the hottest UK group on road. We catch up with one half, AC!

How did you first start rapping?

I was rapping along to ‘original nuttah’ by shy fx and uk apache and my m8 Hybrid, who was a drum n bass dj said i should try mcing, so i did. I started just freestyling on the mic at dnb raves, then started writing lyrics and making hiphop and grime tracks later. I had a few clubs in south london i used to mc at like dogstar, mass, bugbar, fridge bar etc. i used to put on hiphop events in northwest london with my m8s Terra Slim and Genesis Elijah. Also i got to mc on pirate radio and internet radiowith Djs Bizza, MATT adn Whitecoat. I started makin my own beats as too many producers went on too long! Then Terra and me put out ‘In England’ on limited-press vinyl, sold them all, then Terra did ‘Gogo’ on vinyl, then we recorded ‘Human Trash’ as a mix cd and sold 22,000 of that on the streets of the uk. Also i worked with Mentor Kolektiv and featured heavily on the album ‘Broke’. I got to tour India, Germany, France, Norway and the UK thru doin music. Then Terra and me made ‘Youthanasia: Escape from the Land of the Wastemen’ and that has now shifted 15,000 copies. I had videos get in the top 10 on Channel U/AKA, Zee Music, B4U, MTV BASE.
Who were your main influences when you were first starting doing music?

I liked rappers like Ice T, NWA, Cypress Hill, Wu tang etc and british mcs like Skibadee, Det, Fearless, Shabba d, Fatman d, foxy, Navigator, Uk apache,
Who do you listen to, and who do you respect in the rap game today?
 I listen to every artist i can to see what they’re saying, artists i respect are people like Too Short, Ice t, Cypress Hill, Gang starr, Skibadee and mc fun, harry shotta, eksman and herbsie, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Mr Drastick, Mike Glc, Genesis Elijah etc. I’ve seen alot of artists act like arrogant pricks so repsect goes out the window too often.
What projects have you had out in the past?

my main projects have been:
‘Human Trash’ with Terra.  ‘Broke’ with Mentor Kolektiv. ‘Youthanasia’ with Terra, repackaged now as ‘Escape from the Land of the Wastemen’.
Which would you say has been the best received, and where can we cop it from?

 Well it depends on ur taste, go on and type in: ac & terra ‘Youthanasia’ or ac & terra ‘Human Trash’ or mentor kolektiv ‘Broke’ and judge for urself!
What are you working on now?

right now i am working on my new album, i got some label interest so i am gonna be in some meetings to see wot they are offering, also i have just launched my clothing company: i have made designer jackets called ‘Ace’s High’ which celebs like Dizzee Rascal, Jay sean and Ndubz have. I got tee shirts coming in april probably. Check out as the website aint finished yet. Also i have done a dvd showcasing talent in the music industry called ‘wet my beak’ with ALX Sosa that i am hosting, on it are Wutang, Capone, Flo- rida, The Game, Mike Glc, Genesis, Mr Drastick, Jme, skepta, frisco, tinie tempah, ironik, sway, skibadee and mc fun, roll deep, aml ameen, marcus nasty and alotta other ppl too. It’ll be out in late january so check out for it and my site.

If you could work with anybody in the game, who would it be and why?

er…. dr dre or dj premier or lil jon or pete rock in america, uk wise i like beats by iron soul .
Where can we get at you on the net?

 you can hit me up on or or or my new website for my clothing company 
Where would you like to be in Five years?

i wanna be doin wot i’m doin now and getting more money cos more money means more freedom! also i wanna be involved in community projects that improve people’s lives and stop kids killing each other.
Do you have any shout outs, or last words?

yeah big up all u lot for lettin me do this interview, all the mcs djs and producers out there in the world, djs who played my music on radio like semtex, westwood, bobby and nihal, ras kwame, all my family, and anyone i met who didn’t act like a prick!

Ricta Interview

January 7, 2010

We catch up with rising UK rapper Ricta. This dude is sure to be a big name in the future!

How did you first start rapping?

I started out as a DJ when i was around 12 – 13 and began my journey into Hip Hop going back through the years and schooling myself on the whole culture , i was and still am a real fan of the music and the culture , i think like a lots of kids i went through it all until something stuck graffiti , b-boying etc, rap was what i took all the way serious it is what just came natural to me you could say.

Who were your main influences when you were first starting doing music?

My music idol from a little kid was Michael Jackson i thought he was the dopest ! At the very beginning i was big into cats like House Of Pain , Cypress Hill , Wu-Tang all that 90’s stuff we love and the more i dug into the music the more i would find out about new artists and the underround legends like pun , big l etc,. i had a heavy influenece from our scene in the UK too people like rodney p , london posse , jehst , tommy evans …. but that came later…

Who do you listen to, and who do you respect in the rap game today?

Im still a massive Hip Hop fan , i love it , from you know Pete Rock & CL , Souls of Mischief im a real golden era head , souls of mischief just dropped their new album and its dope ! so much legacy ! I also I think Jemini The Gifted One is one of the most slept on cats to do it , to me his style is one of a kind , I think Termanology is on the best MC’s to come out in recent times , i listen to everything though you know as long as its ill.

What projects have you had out in the past?

Up until this point ive put out to mixtapes the first ‘General No One’ which went out in 2007 and the second ‘ The Rictape’ which went out in 2008 , since then ive done a string of one off online releases and tracks but just working hard and building my rep up  , much love to everyone who cops my shit ! , I love live shows and sometimes to me doing shows is a lot more exciting than recording a mixtape or album .

Which would you say has been the best received, and where can we cop it from?

Definatley the Rictape , it has got me a lot of exposure and different oppurtunities to get to where im at but there still a lot more to be done and this is really just the beginning or as Winston would say the end of the beginning , if you wanna cop the Rictape you can head over to my Myspace @ or peep your favourite pirate music destination and im sure you’ll find it.

What are you working on now?

Right now im working on my new EP called Expocate  (Expose , Then Re-Educate) , the material so far is crazy , Iv’e got a track on their called Hero which is produced by Kelakovski and is super ill im really really happy with it so far , the EP’s gonna be dropping before summer ’10 make sure you cop that !

If you could work with anybody in the game, who would it be and why?

Preemo , Pete Rock no doubt , also Marco Polo so dope.
Where can we get at you on the net?

hit me up on the usual channels…
Where would you like to be in Five years?

Still in the rap game ! and hopefully managing to lead a comfortable life from it !

Do you have any shout outs, or last words?

Yeh Yeh shouts to Idyllic the whole Cov & Brum crew and everyone thats holdin me down , couldnt do it without you PEACE !

Truth Interview

January 5, 2010

We catch up with UK Hip Hop veteran, and Street Battle legend, Truth!

How did you first start rapping?

There wasn’t really a definitive moment when I consciously decided this was something I wanted to do. I somehow knew about Hip Hop in my primary school days, I’m not sure how much I knew about it, but I was aware of it. Where I’m from, it’s not something that is very prevalent so you’ve got to literally discover it before you consider being a part of it. The first thing I remember having an effect on me, making me want to start rhyming was Biggie’s Warning….seeing that video. Then I just used to freestyle to the 8bar intro’s of tracks trying to get as good as the “freestyles” I’d heard, as I thought they was freestyles in the purest sense of the word..then it snowballed I guess.

Who were your main influences when you were first starting doing music?

Hard to say really….just the people that were on my radar like Biggie, Talib, Mos, Pharoahe….. I was raised in the Rawkus era pretty much.

Who do you listen to, and who do you respect in the rap game today?

Listen to a whole lot of music man…trying to intake as much as possible. A lot of blues & soul music too but as far as MC’s go … right now – Jay Electronica, Mos Def, Black Thought, Blu, Elzhi, Phonte, Brother Ali, Mystro, are the ones who are doing it for me right now.

What projects have you had out in the past?

I release the Procrastinat(K)ing free download (available from Appeared on a couple mixtapes/free download compilations etc.

Which would you say has been the best received, and where can we cop it from?

Procrastinat(K)ing had a good reception. It’s pretty much just a demo tape…..i didn’t put a whole lot of effort into it in the sense of the mixes etc. I kinda liked that about it though. You can download that for free at

What are you working on now?

Working with my new band called Millionaires By Morning, which I’m super excited about. Just looking forward to making some songs with them and doing a whole bunch of shows hopefully.

Keeping my nights going – Rapsploitation Sessions – which hits 3 years in February, trying to expand them and do something a little different.  It’s pretty impressive we’ve been going for 3 years in such a small town like Ipswich so might as well take some chances now!

Working on Procrastinat(K)ing 2 which will be in the same fashion as one, casual release, under a new name though. I’m definitely changing my name this year…. Then hopefully work to a  more cohesive project after that.

If you could work with anybody in the game, who would it be and why?

By in the game, I assume you mean in Hip Hop. I’ve just got to work with one of my favourite MC’s – Kashmere, so that’s one ticked off. But Pharoahe’s my favourite MC,so definitely him….but I dunno, any one I can make good music with on a level.

Where can we get at you on the net?

Where would you like to be in Five years?

Still here.

Do you have any shout outs, or last words?

Shouts out to me & you…..if I missed any one, don’t be mad!

Thank you.

Youngsta Interview

November 14, 2009

Youngsta is one of the hardest out right now! The UK scene is at the best it’s been at for a long time and we catch up with the rising star to talk about his mixtapes, Cream Cartel and much more.

Youngsta, you’re coming out of London’s rap scene. Tell us about what area you’re from and how you got into the game!   

I’m originally from gypsy hill south east London, but now wherever I lay my hat is my home haha. I’ve always been making music from i was a yute, started out doing jungle then garage little bit of grime then finally rap. 

You’re a member of Cream Cartel, along with established rapper Dubz and many more. How did you hook up with them and tell us more about the movement! 

True, Dubz is my darg before all the music thing and ‘cause he’s one of the best at what he does i decided to work with him and the C.R.E.A.M movement 

You were in a different collective prior to Cream though right? Tell us about the SMS situation!  

Who are SMS???  Haha!

We’ve interviewed Big Simz before, and are supporting all musicians out the UK. Is this beef a music one, or is it on the roads as well?  

Big who? Haha!

Let’s talk about your mixtapes. L.O.L. dropped, hosted by the Ice Cream Man. I got that the other day and it is heavy! Tell us about that CD, who we can find on it, what the concept was and where we can cop it from!  

Basically LOL is a mixtape that i didn’t plan to make but because the haters tried to get at me, i quickly slapped it together and took the piss. The first half of the mixtape is addressing certain things and the second half  of the mixtape is normal tracks, didn’t really go hard with the features kept it kind of in house but you can find people like fixdotm, dubz, facesqueeze and couple others on there. 


There’s also Crystal Meth, which I still need to pick up! Tell us about that CD! 

That is my hardest and most meaningful project i’ve done, completly different to LOL and a lot better in my opinion. It has a tune for everyone so go get it haha

You’re working with Fix Dot’M currently, how did you link up and what can we expect from A Fix Of Meth?  

Yeah we’ve got our new release coming out called A FIX OF METH which is gonna be a street classic. This cd is a madness swear down. Fixdotms my brother from another mother, if you’ve heard akkie listen (which is a track off of crystal meth) that should help you paint a pic of how me and fix made the link. 

When’s that drop? 

It’s out now! Go get it!

Shellz, who we have also interviewed, is putting in work on the production side of things. Tell us about how you hooked up with him! I heard it was from D. Clark, who we have also interviewed! 

Yeah D. Clark hit me up on myspace and said he thinks me and Shellz would do a madness so i said email me a beat….the rest is history haha! 

Aren’t you two, Youngsta and Shellz, doing a project together? Tell us about that! 

We’re bringing out a cd called ANTI SOCIAL which is all Shellz production and mostly me vocalling with 1 or 2 features. Shellz is a talented yute that deserves more recognition so hopefully this will help. It’s for the streets so expect that hard stuff as well as emotional stuff, i’m like 7 tracks deep on that already! 

So what will the next Youngsta solo project be and when will that be released? 

Other then ANTI SOCIAL look out for THE BEST OF METH out xmas and CRYSTAL METH 2 out early next year.  

Will an album come soon, or are you sticking with themixtapes for now? 

I’m looking to put my album out mid next year and it’s  gonna be called UNAPPRECIATED so look out for that.  

So where can we catch you online? 

Catch me online at www.myspace.comyoungstameth or    

Do you have any last words or shout outs? 

Shout out cream cartel and everyone that’s supporting what i do it’s appreciated free all my dargs

Fitzy Fitz Interview

September 2, 2009

Fitzy Fitz comes from a small hip hop scene, to put it lightly. We talk to him about that, his projects and how they’ve been received, along with a lot more!


Fitzy Fitz, how did you get in the game and why?


Basically one day i was sitting down listening to some eminem, 
and i just remember saying to myself "i think i could do this" 
so, i started writing my own music everyday and eventually i 
just started getting better and better. Next minute i was 
recording, mixing all my own tracks and releasing them. 
for the why part, i think it’s just because I’ve always 
loved music so much that I’ve always wanted to
get involved in it.


Where are you from, and what’s the hip hop scene like there?


I’m from a small place in Ireland called Carrick-on-Suir 
in Tipperary.
Hip hop scene? Well I’ll keep it short and sweet...
there isn’t one.


You seem to like the story telling raps. Why is this and what do you address in your music?


Yeah i really like telling stories in my music, basically 
because i want to connect with the people who listen to me. 
We live in a fucked up world right now so i try my best 
to talk about different topics going on in the
world such as politics, law and a lot more.


Who are your major influences in hip hop?


Major influences would definitely be Eminem,2Pac,Nas,
50,Wu-Tang Clan and Prodigy from Mobb Deep, people 
like that.


Have you had any projects out in the past?


Of course! I released the Mr.FF mixtape hosted by DJ 
Smu not long ago which is available for free 
download on a lot of websites, just google
it and you'll find it somewhere.


What has the feedback been like?


Feedback was REALLY good actually, everybody i talked 
to who heard it said they were really impressed so 
that made me feel good, knowing that people could 
relate to my music.


What are you working on currently?


I’m working on a few projects right now, I’m working 
on Mr.FF Part 2 which is a sequel to the first one. 
I’m also working on 2 other projects that are 
untitled right now but be on the look out for them.


Where do you want to be in a years time?


I want to be in a better place than i am now, 
preferably in the U.S, a place where i can 
promote my music not only on the internet but in
the streets because with the position I’m in right 
now i don’t have that. I hope to be making some kind 
of money and releasing more music on a regular basis 


Where can we check you out online?


you can check out the myspace @
and hit me up on twitter @ or 


Do you have any shout outs or any last words?


i just wanna give a huge shoutout to the homie 
DJ Smu for helping me out with everything lately, 
shoutout to the homie rekon for supporting me when 
i need the support, bad luck, sun, village boo
and just everybody who has been helping me to 
try and get to the next level
i have a lot of projects coming up so make sure 
you keep a look out for mr.ff fitzy fitz!!!!........


Mikel Ameen Interview

August 16, 2009

Mikel Ameen is one of the leading battlers on the UK scene. We speak to the man himself about recording, why he got into battling, performing with established acts and the feedback on his first CD!


Mikel Ameen, when did you first start rapping and how?


I started rapping in primary school when my teacher told us to write poems about our favourite things. But I started taking music seriously when I was 16


You’re an established battler right now, but what did you start doing? Battling or recording?

I started recording first since I was 14. I only ever got into battling as a joke to win money. 

You’ve been doing the rounds on the live circuit as well, supporting people like Immortal Technique and Wu-Tang Clan. What’s it like sharing the stage with legends like that?


It was a real great experience; it let me know that I can successfully rock a big crowd.  


Did any of them hear your music or give you any feedback?


Yeah I was talking with the managers of Wu-Tang Clan and he gave me some real good advice; I was just spitting rhymes for him and I also gave him a promo cd. 


So what projects have you put out in the past and where can we get them from?


My first cd is out now and available. To buy from iTunes and all good digital download sites.  


Where they well received?


Yeah!! The feed back was great, people love the content, I even had people that never knew me buy the cd because the packaging is one of a kind, and people had never seen it before. 


There was a beef with fellow UK rapper Arkaic was there not? Can you elaborate on how that started and is it still going on?


Nah man, that’s a fairytale!


What project are you working on now?

My next project is a promo cd entitled Fu8ers. This is a free mix cd I will distribute whilst I prepare my album and its singles. It’s going to be BIG!

Also look out for my new single with Dionne Reid, DRUG DEALER which you can hear on the upshot website. 

Where can we get in touch with you online? 


Do you have any shout outs or last words?




9 Milli Major Interview

August 13, 2009

9 Milli Major is establishing himself as a major player in the grime scene. We spoke with the man himself about the Bloodline movement, his past mixtape and where he sees grime going to!


9 Milli Major, how did you get started in the grime scene? Did you ever experiment with doing other forms of music?


I first started off Mcing with some friends from my local area (Edmonton). Making demos, doing bedroom sets and going on heat fm. Back when we first started it was more of a UK garage thing, that’s what I used to practice on.  You might know them as Cold Blooded. Obviously everything at that time was more then music and with what i was doing on the roads i didn’t feel a lot of the people in the click would of stood for what i did at that time  so i went my own way and linked up with my cousins from meridian it was only right anyway!

Where do you see the grime genre going in the future?


With how things are going at the moment the future doesn’t look too bright for GRIME! And i don’t mean commercial or funky i mean GRIME! And that’s because a lot of MC’s have jumped on the commercial bandwagon, i don’t think some of these guys realise its not for everyone real talk! There’s a couple man like Tinchy and Wiley making good commercial music but some of the guys need to go back to square one and find themselves you feel me .


You’ve been featured on some established radio station’s, such as Kiss FM. How much does that benefit you and your music?


Yeah it’s a big look man trust me hold tight Logan and Cameo supporting the underground scene from day one on the commercial airwaves (Brap!) . I mean obviously it benefits both me and my music at the same time, you get what I’m saying. I’m able to reach a wider target audience and not only spread the word but show case my talent on air at the same time.

Tell us about the Bloodline movement and who’s down with that!

“The Bloodline movement’’ it’s funny you should call it that, because that’s exactly how things are going at the moment we’re exploring a whole range of avenues to invest in and we’ve got a whole slew of releases for everyone who loves our music. Make sure you go and get yourself a bloodline T-shirt, your wardrobes deadout if you ain’t got one (laughs). Yeah we’re also working on a few mini movie music videos as well but i don’t wanan give too much away. But yeah big up all my bloodline family Paper pablo, Big H, Boss man birdie & Prez T

You had some big guests on your first mixtape. Tell us about who you worked with!


Yeah on my first mixtape i had the whole of my Bloodline family on there plus Big Narstie, Scorcher, Wretch 32, Cookie and productions from D’explicit, Skepta, P Jam and a few other big hit makers.


What was that mixtape called and how was it received?


 It was called ‘Pray for me’ and it had a very good reception considering I’d done fuck all to promote it which I’m not proud of by the way.

What are you working on now?


I’m working on a few bits now. I’ve just finished my second mixtape which is entitled ‘Keep Prayin’’ that’s gonna be a free promo for everybody because unfortunately a lot of my material got leaked. But that’s only a warm up to ‘Blood’s Thicker Than Water’ which is gonna be my third instalment.


Where do you see yourself in a years time?


At the top of this grime food chain!


Where can we get in touch with 9 Milli Major on the web? and i’m on face book add me KANE ‘MILLI MAJOR’ BROWN.


Do you have any shout outs or last words?

Yeah hold tight all my Bloodline family once again real talk that’s my back bone in this game here. Shout outs to all my green gang family we always go hard also big up everyone supporting my music! Bless up! B 2 DA L