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Grand Noble Interview

March 31, 2009



Grand Noble is a rapper from the Bay Area in the US, he’s part of rising group Grand Angel, they’ve been making loads of connections with major artists thanks to their GATV series. We catch up with the heavy lyricist to discuss that online series, their debut album, solo projects and how big a part the internet plays in his career!

So Grand Noble, you’re in the group ‘Grand Angel’, tell our readers about that situation!

Yeah man, I’m Grand Noble, that name came from my graffiti
days as “Noble” tagging in the Bay Area. My homie is Archangel;
he does most of the production on our projects. Put that together
and it’s Grand Angel you feel me.

And you’ve just released your debut album Dark End Of The Stage, where can we cop that?

Oh, you know, any big name online store. and
iTunes if you got an iPod. Also, stores like Rhapsody, Napster,
Amie Street, Shock Hound, eMusic and LaLa. We’re pressing up
hard copies right now, to sell at our performances. 17 tracks! All

Big! How many copies have you sold so far? Has it met or exceeded your expectations of the project?



Grand Angel-Dark End Of The Stage

Grand Angel-Dark End Of The Stage

It just came out in December 2008, and the royalty checks come
quarterly. So we haven’t gotten the full numbers yet. But we’re
making sells. I’m glad to see these people we’ve met and talked
to have been going online and copping the album. Shout out to
everyone who did! We’re still grinding though, doing shows and
tryna get the word out about Dark End of the Stage! As far as
expectations. Coming from the underground scene, record sales
aren’t a huge influence on my music, you know? I mean, I’m
looking to make a buck doing what I love. But at the end of the
day, the album is fire, super diverse, and that alone met my
expectations. The fact that we’re making money from it, only adds
to that.


You’ve got 2Mex on there, how did you manage to get in contact with him? Did you sort that tune out over MP3 or did you actually meet the guy?
Yeah 2Mex from the Visionaries, shout out to him! He’s a real
humble guy. Nah you know, it’s kind of a weird story. We
interviewed his group member LMNO for our show Grand Angel
TV. And we also got Lord Zen and KeyKool on GATV too. Then
later on, I realized my friend knew 2Mex personally and kind of
gave me the push to contact him about doing a song, so I did.
And he was very humble. When we were talking he gave me his phone number and we chopped it up about ideas. So I dropped by his place in LA and we just kicked it with 2Mex and DJ DeeSkee. When we
left, DeeSkee got working on a beat for the project. And we later
came back to listen to it and record a song at their studio. It’s a
real boss underground/lyrical song repping the West Coast.
“Western Theatre” check it out!

Cool, you just mentioned GATV, how did that get started, and what inspired you to start your own online series? Since you did it, it seems everybody is hopping on the video blog bandwagon!

Yeah it’s crazy right? I personally know some people who have
started their own “So and so” TV now too. haha. But really, it
started because Archangel and I are CONSTANTLY working on
music. Whether it’s for this thing or that, you know. But our boss
man Mike Kelly from Executive Sound Studios basically told us
like… Look, I see you’re doing big moves every day, every week.
But the people out there don’t know! You have to tell them! You
have to show them. So GATV started to show people we weren’t
dead! We got stuff in the works! You feel me?
Then we had the chance to interview some rappers who we really
look up to lyrically and even career-wise. LMNO and Sean Price
of Boot Camp Clik were our first interviews! Big names! After that
we split GATV between interviews and updates on what G.A. is
doing, ya dig!

Definately! Are you both always working as a group or do you have solo projects as well?

The way Grand Angel started was I was the emcee, and
Archangel was the producer/DJ. Then as time went on he started
writing and rapping too and the music just got better! But it’s funny
you ask that, because we realized recently, we should both do
solo projects ON TOP of doing Grand Angel EPs, Mixtapes and
Albums to really get our name out there. So right now, I’m working
on a couple projects.

What are they? An album or are you going to start building with mixtapes?

One is a concept album about this TV show, My Name Is Earl.
That’s gonna be produced by Bricc from Jersey. And I just started
a project with producer DJ DviousMindZ, the whole project is
gonna be done by him. Archangel got a couple solo thizzles in the
works too. Burning Halos and Scorched Wings and Welcome To
Wade’s World! We’ll both be featuring on each other’s projects, of
course! And introducing our homie Javi El Tumi, who is featured
on our album Dark End of the Stage.

Cool, what’s next for the group though, have you got anything planned for the second album?

We actually released a mixtape in 2006 called “Guardians of The
Bay, vol. 1” and we plan on releasing Volume 2 later this year.
After we finish our solo stuff. Oh yeah we’ve BEEN recording stuff
for the next album. We had half the album done before DEOTS
was released! haha. Lord Zen from the Visionaries is going to
make an appearance on a song called “Hoi Polloi” – If you readers
don’t know what that means, you should look it up! You’ll have an
idea about the song! Haha!

Nice one! You’ve done a bit of production in the past, as well as Archangel, has your work featured, or going to be featured on anybody else’s projects?

Archangel is the big producer of the group. To be honest, he’s
really been stuck with me haha. What I mean is, every time he
makes a dope beat for someone else, I hear it and I’m like I
WANT THAT and he gives it to me lol. That’s my homie since
like age 13 or 14 so you know it’s like that. But he’s been
working with some cats in East L.A. but nothing was released
yet. The only beat I’ve made that
was released on a project is on our DEOTS, for the song “The
Darker Side.” I got a few beats in the can, but lyrics are really my
forte. That’s my love.

Cool, how do you write your lyrics, do you find a beat first or pen the bars first? And what do you think is more important, the lyrics or the beat?




Grand Noble

Grand Noble

As far as importance, I think it’s all in the same big package.
Personally, Archangel and I like to custom-write our stuff to the
beat we’re using. I know a lot of cats got their notepad full of raps
to use at any moment. That’s cool, I’m not knocking it! But I like to
customize my wordplay to really ride with the beat. I’m big on
multi-syllabic rhyming, and it sounds better if you ride that beat!


Do you prefer a certain type of beat to another? Say, would you prefer to rock an atmospheric instrumental or a head nodding beat?

My homie Tito told us when he had first heard the finished product
for DEOTS; he said “You know what I love about your music? It
doesn’t all sound the same! You got club songs, lyrical songs,
concept songs… You got bangers; you got calm joints and hype
joints.” I really took that to heart! Cuz Grand Angel can rock over
any beat!

Cool, are you big on the internet? What sites can people check you out on? of course. On Facebook, add
Christopher Vantress and Wade Wilson, we got a Grand Angel
Fan Club on that. (from there
you can get our solo twitter pages too!). We got two YouTube
pages. We started releasing music videos and our GATV series
But recently started a new page
We’re tryna be everywhere!

Do you think the net is a valuable promo tool?

Definitely. A lot of people says it’s a gift and a curse and I agree.
But it’s more so a gift in my opinion. We can reach so many more
people. In the end it might cost us some dough in album sales,
because of downloads. But at the end of the day, I just want cats
listening to our music and enjoying what we have to offer to Hip
Hop. Also, thanks to the internet I’m able to keep up-to-date with
all our street team leaders out there promoting us! Shout out to
Jeremy Gonzalez, Reese Rogers, Tito Corral, Boo Lopez and
Rachel Macasieb!!

Cool. Have you got any last words for our readers or advice for up and coming artists?

Grand Angel is going to do it big! I hope we have your support,
readers! And thanks to Phantom. Call Grand Angel: +1 (510) 504
0826. Contact me at if you want to book
us or collab with us. In the Bay, the emcees coming up are taught
to stay humble and hungry. And don’t do rap for the money! Do it
for the love of the music! Do it for the love of Hip-Hop.